Feb 13: Dial In Time Attack & Open Drift

Join us for the first Time Attack & Drift Event of the season!

Feb 13: Dial In Time Attack & Open Drift

The first Time Attack & Drift event of the season will feature Dial In Time Attack and Open Drifting. All skill levels are welcome! Beginners are encouraged to come try it out for the first time. A limited number of helmets are available for rent for those that don't yet have their own helmet. 

Dial In Time Attack is all about consistency--scroll below to learn how Dial In Time Attack works, and for a map and tips on the February 13 open drift course. Visit the Time Attack & Drift Series page for all the details on eligibility, the full season schedule, rules and regulations, tech requirements, and more. 


$10      Spectators

$10      Buddy Band (in addition to Spectator fee)

$40      Time Attack and Drifting


NOTE: Drivers Meetings at ALL Time Attack and Drift events are MANDATORY. If you miss the drivers meeting you will not be eligible to drive that day. 

February 13 Schedule of Events

Gates Open: 8:00 am

Mandatory Driver's Meeting: 8:45 am

Track Hot: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Gates Close: 5:00 pm

All Time Attack & Drift events are weather dependent. Please CHECK THIS PAGE prior to the event in case of event cancellation or rescheduling due to unsafe conditions. 

All PPIR Track Rules and Regulations apply to all Time Attack & Drift events, and anyone found to violate these rules may be disqualified from the event or series and ejected from the premises. All PPIR Track Rules and Regulations also apply to the Drift Colorado Ltd. Competition events.

Dial-In Time Attack Competition: Dial-In Time Attack is similar to dial-in drag racing, and focuses drivers on their consistency on the course. All participants will have the opportunity for plenty of open practice runs throughout the first part of the day. At some point in the early afternoon, PPIR will begin the Dial-In competition. Participants will write a Dial-In time on their windshield. The Dial-In time is a lap time around the time attack course that the driver is trying to achieve. If the driver goes faster than the dial in time, they ”break out,” and that lap is not counted. If the driver achieves a lap slightly slower than the Dial-In time, the difference between the actual lap time and the Dial-In time is recorded. The driver who can run a lap time as close to their Dial-In time as possible will be the winner of the event.


 A few quick tips to make sure your day at PPIR goes smoothly:

* Make sure to read through the tech inspection card (link to .pdf) to ensure that your car and your helmet are ready to go for the day. If anything is found to not meet the requirements, you will not be able to drive!

* Check your tires after every run. If a tire blows-out during a run it is possible to damage your car in numerous ways, if you see chords it's time to switch out wheels/tires.

* Use the donut box to sharpen your car control skills throughout the day.

Feb 13 Course Maps

Open Drift Course for February 13:

The course design for Open Drift on February 13th, 2016 at PPIR will incorporate a high-speed entry, several technical switchbacks, and a wall-ride made of barrels directly in front of the spectator area.


In order to master the entry of turn-one, a driver must commit to gaining as much speed as possible up to the initiation point and not manji on the approach. 3rd gear speeds should be possible in most cars upon initiating drift and depending on horsepower a downshift to 2nd gear may be required before the inner clip. A slight feint and e-brake at initiation should work well with this type of corner. Turn one has a long decreasing radius with a rear-clipping zone on entry. Bringing in high entry speed will allow the car to reach the outer clip and maintain drift throughout the turn. There is an inner clip at the apex of turn-one, very late through the corner.


On the exit of turn-one allow the car to release to driver's left and extend the drift to the outer clip on corner exit. There is a short straight between turn-one and turn-two where an aggressive transition will help to reach the outer clip on the entrance of turn-two. Turn-two's apex is quite late through the corner, this allows the driver to setup a shallow line on exit to prepare for perhaps the most exciting section of the course; the turn-three barrel wall ride. Turn-three is the only corner on this circuit which does not have an inner clipping point. The entire corner is an outer clipping zone, so make sure to give the spectators a good show! 


The final corner of the course is a 180-degree hairpin with an inner clipping point at the apex. This turn, depending on a car's horsepower, may require an aggressive clutch kick or two in order to drift through the exit because the approach and inner clip require a drastic reduction of speed. Upon completing the final turn you will quickly drive through the "Stop Drifting Line." It is mandatory that all drivers slow down and exit the course safely.

Time Attack Course for February 13:

The Dial-In Time Attack Course at PPIR on February 13th will be challenging and technical involving multiple slalom sections, 360 degree roundabouts and cone gates throughout the course. There are multiple sections where drivers will have an option to go left or right (see green and blue arrows on the track map). Choosing the best line throughout the course will be crucial in setting a good time. It is important that drivers focus on making late apexes through the slalom sections to promote good exit speed coming out of these combination corners. 

Dial-In Time Attack is all about consistency. The goal is to be able to run as close as possible to the dial-in time you choose to write on the windshield (PPIR will be providing white shoe polish) without going under it (breaking out). The driver who can set a lap the closest to their dial-in time will be the winner of the day. Be smooth, be consistent, keep your eyes up and anticipate the race track in front of you.

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