Time Attack Rd 2, Drift Colorado Rd 1, Open Drift

May 1

May 1: Time Attack Rd 2, Drift Colorado Rd 1, Open Drift

The fourth Time Attack & Drift event of the season will feature the second competition round of the 2016 Time Attack series, the first round of the the Drift Colorado Competition, and Open Drifting. Points awarded for the top Time Attack finishers on May 1 will count towards the overall championship for the season. This is a for-fun series of events and all skill levels are welcome! Beginners are encourage to come and try it out for the first time. Helmets are available for rent for those that don't yet have their own. Scroll down for course descriptions and maps.  

May 1 Schedule of Events

Gates Open: 7:45 am

Tech: 7:45-8:45am

Mandatory Driver's Meeting: 8:45 am

Track Hot: 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Gates Close: 5:00 pm

NOTE: Drivers Meetings at ALL Time Attack and Drift events are MANDATORY. If you miss the drivers meeting you will not be eligible to drive that day. 


$10      Spectators

$20      Buddy Band (includes Spectator fee)

$40      Time Attack and Drifting

Visit the Time Attack & Drift Series page for all the details on eligibility, the full season schedule, rules and regulations, tech requirements, and more. 

All Time Attack & Drift events are weather dependent. Please CHECK THIS PAGE prior to the event in case of event cancellation or rescheduling due to unsafe conditions. 

All PPIR Track Rules and Regulations apply to all Time Attack & Drift events, and anyone found to violate these rules may be disqualified from the event or series and ejected from the premises. All PPIR Track Rules and Regulations also apply to the Drift Colorado Ltd. Competition events.

Time Attack Course:
Sunday May 1st will be the second round of the PPIR Time Attack Series and will feature a course on the autocross lot. This will be the first time in 2016 that PPIR has held a Time Attack event on the lot. The event has been moved to the autocross lot due to the impending weather conditions for Sunday and SCCA canceling their event leaving the lot vacant.

Drift Course:
The first round of the Drift Colorado Competition Series will feature a course layout on the road course at PPIR. The course begins with a straight line acceleration area which leads into the carousel; a long sweeping 180 degree turn. the remainder of the course is a combination corner section of esses, all the way to the finish line. This course is high speed and great for tandem battles. For drivers with lower horse power, a tip to make sure your car will be able to keep drift for the entire duration of the course, is to run high air pressure in your tires, decreasing the contact patch of rubber to the road. The course layout on the map below is an approximation only and is subject to change. 


A few quick tips to make sure your day at PPIR goes smoothly:

* Make sure to read through the tech inspection card to ensure that your car and your helmet are ready to go for the day. If anything is found to not meet the requirements, you will not be able to drive!

* Check your tires after every run. If a tire blows-out during a run it is possible to damage your car in numerous ways, if you see chords it's time to switch out wheels/tires.

* Use the donut box to sharpen your car control skills throughout the day.

IMPORTANT INFO - Be sure to reach the full Rules and Regulations
* DO NOT message us about car numbers, we are not reserving numbers for anyone. You may choose your number per classification and remaining numbers are first come, first serve on Sunday morning during tech inspection. 
* MAKE SURE TO PARK IN YOUR PROPER LANE LABELED FOR YOUR CLASSIFICATION WHEN YOU ARRIVE IN THE MORNING FOR TECH INSPECTION (there will be plenty of room in the new grid lanes). The lanes will be labeled and our staff will help to direct traffic accordingly. Classifications are declared on our website in a downloadable .pdf document (AWD A, AWD B, RWD A, RWD B, FWD A, FWD B and Exhibition). The first three letters declare the drive-train type, the "A" or "B" declares a power to weight ratio. If your car has a power to weight ratio of 12 pounds or more per horse power you are in B. If your car has less than 12 pounds per horse power you are in A. FORMULA = Vehicle Weight divided by Horse Power (use a Google search to find your car's Curb Weight and Horse Power rating and take all mods into consideration, because PPIR will). Classification of any vehicle is COMPLETELY AND ULTIMATELY at the discretion of PPIR. If your car is borderline between A and B PPIR will make the decision for you.
* ALL CARS MUST BE STREET LEGAL AND RUNNING 200 TREAD-WEAR OR HIGHER TIRES TO BE PLACED IN A POINTS CLASS, or else your car will be placed in exhibition. Please know what class you are running in before arriving to the track to make it easy on yourself. 
* Help the tech inspectors by COMPLETELY FILLING OUT YOUR TECH CARD, and please BRING YOUR OWN PEN! 
* We will be using a Tech Sticker on the windshield of all cars that will declare your class and number. The Tech Sticker will also have check boxes to count how many runs you make through the day. Our staff will check-off a box each time that you make a run before you are sent onto the track in order to make sure people are not cutting in lines/lanes and to do our best to ensure that all drivers are getting the same amount of runs throughout the day. 
* There will be a separate lane for Multi-Driver cars to switch drivers and get another run in while your class lane is up for its turn. Multi-Driver cars will have multiple check box stickers reflecting the amount of drivers sharing that car and the drivers will each have their own number assigned. 
* We are greatly looking forward to the Time Attack points series starting up this Sunday, good luck to everyone and we will see you at the track! 

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