Drive 365: Corporate / Group Events

DRIVE 365: Corporate & group Events

Drive 365 takes team building, corporate entertainment or any group gathering to a whole new level and Pikes Peak International Raceway is where it all comes together. Track rentals, excellent meeting rooms, banquet facilities and a wide selection of driving experiences make PPIR a great venue for meetings and conventions in the Colorado Springs area. A variety of activities are offered in Pikes Peak International Raceway’s Drive 365 menu for group and corporate events. Let us build a custom program to fit your group size, timeline and budget. Custom pricing is available for large groups.  

Choose multiple activities for your event in order to receive discounts!

To work out the details of your group’s event, please call our Director of Sales Dana Kahlhamer at 719.382.7223 or email Dana@ppir.com.

Sprint Karting    7-10 minutes/ $35 per person

Race our fleet of Stratos Karts on an outdoor road-course at speeds up to 40 mph! Up to 8 karts may run on the track per race.

Time Attack Competition   4-6 runs/ $125 per person

Participants take turns racing against the clock through a purpose-built track on the infield road course in a two-seater sports car.

Double-Cross Racing  4-6 runs/ $150 per person

This allows for two drivers to compete head-to-head through a purpose-built track. Whoever reaches the finish line first is the winner! 

Team Slalom  2-3 runs/ $75 per person

This team building driving activity allows teams of participants to face off against each other racing on two identical courses at the same time. Negotiate cones and sharpen your driving skills in this fun, timed relay competition.

Hot Lap Thrill Rides/ Drift Rides  2 laps/ $95-$165  per person

Buckle up and hold on for a ride in the passenger seat of a high performance sports car as a professional driver takes you around the 1.3 mile road course at full speed! Or, for a few bucks more, get your heart really pounding as the driver drifts the car through the road course completely sideways with the rear tires smoking!

Lead-Follow   3-5 laps/ $125 per person

A PPIR instructor leads small groups around the 1.3 mile road course. Each participant drives at their comfort level and as their confidence builds, the instructor allows the speeds to build.

Cone Killer Challenge   4-6 runs/ $75 per person

In this challenge of reaction times and quick thinking, traffic lights prompt participants to make split second decisions for lane changes and braking. The goal is to not hit the cones!

Round-About Drags   2-3 runs/ $75 per person

The same concept as drag racing, with a twist!


Contact Director of Sales, Dana Kahlhamer at 719.382.7223 to customize the group or individual visit you've been dreaming of.

Some of the Events We Host:

Team Building 
Networking Events 
Theme Parties
VIP Events 
Executive or Departmental Retreats 
Sales Meetings 
Employee Appreciation 
Holiday Parties 
Charity Functions 
Seminars and Training 
Trade Shows 
Award Ceremonies 
Birthday and Bachelor(ette) parties 
Family Reunions

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