Time attack driver camp with the ppir pros!
Do you want to get schooled at the event by your competitors, or go to school with the PPIR Pros?

Time ATTACK Driver Camp With The PPIR Pros!

Whether you’re a first-time competitor or a reigning champion there is always room for improvement. For many of our drivers in the PPIR Time Attack Series, this is a first glimpse into what real motorsports competition looks like and in any form of motorsports there are always drivers that stand one step above the rest. Fortunately for many of us our track pros are always willing to lend a hand to those who ask. However, it isn’t always easy trying to teach somebody how to improve in just a matter of minutes. Driving on the limit is something that requires years of trial and error. Well, it is time to get schooled!

We are very excited to announce the 2017 Time Attack Driver Camp with the PPIR Pros! We have dedicated a day to giving you the opportunity to work hand in hand with our track pros. Our pros have experience and wins in many forms of motorsport along with a storied background in the world of professional driver coaching and development. If you really want to take your driving to the next level, this is your chance!

The day starts off with introductions of all our pros and introductions of the drivers in the camp: what do you drive and what are your goals? We then immediately take to the course on foot for a track walk. After walking the circuit, we start the driving portion of the day. All drivers will make three timed runs to establish a personal baseline. Once everyone has had the chance to set their baseline laps we start the schooling process in the classroom. Time is spent focusing on the fundamentals and we gradually work towards advanced techniques and specifics for the track design.

After time spent in the classroom we hit the track again for several more rounds of timed laps with instruction between each lap. The PPIR Pros are always willing to give you a demo ride in your car to see how close to the pace you may be. By the end of the day we guarantee that you will not only be more confident behind the wheel, but your lap times will improve. You will have a better understanding of performance driving giving you a competitive edge in the PPIR Time Attack Series.


$95 per Driver (Limited to 20 drivers per school day)  TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT IN ANY SCHOOL DAY PLEASE CALL US AT 719.382.7223 

**Courses for all school days will not be the same configuration as the upcoming Time Attack competition courses.


7:45 AM                            Gates Open/Registration

8:00 AM                            Driver's Meeting

8:15 AM                            Course Walk

8:30 AM                            3 Timed Runs per Driver

9:15 AM                            Classroom Session

10:00 AM - 11:45 AM     Timed Runs with Instruction for all Drivers                      

12:00 PM                          Wrap-Up

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