The PPIR Winter Track Attack series returns in 2022 with monthly autocross events. Drivers of all levels can test and sharpen their abilities in their own vehicles on various infield road course configurations.

This is your chance to experience the thrill and exhilaration of burning up Pikes Peaks International Raceway’s track.  Rental Helmets are available, enabling new participants who don’t have them to easily try these activities for the first time.


Track Attack Driver Entry $50

Spectators $10

Thanks to Our Sponsors

Thanks to Our Sponsors


Saturday, October 22, 2022

Saturday, November 19, 2022

Saturday, March 25, 2023 (Track Attack Drivers Camp)


*The 2023 Track Attack Competition Series will begin in April 2023*

Keep up with Live Timing by using the link below!


Gates Open: 8:00AM
REQUIRED Drivers Meeting: 9:45AM
Hot Track: 10:00AM – 3PM

Not sure how to class your vehicle? Use Dodging Cone’s Track Attack Classing Tool.
To register a class number, email Nick@ppir.com with your full name, car year, make and model.

2022 Rulebook

This rulebook is the governing document for the 2022 PPIR Track Attack Series. If you are planning on attending any of the 2022 Track Attack events please read through the entire Rulebook document this document thoroughly.

Drivers/Car #

If you plan on competing in the 2019 Time Attack Series please review this document to ensure that your name is spelled correctly, your car’s year/make/model are up to date, and that your classification and number are correct. If corrections need to be made or if you are new to the Time Attack Series or if you are changing classifications from 2018 make sure to email  Tommy@ppir.com with any and all requests.

Vehicle Tech Inspection

This Vehicle Tech Inspection ensures the safety of the driver and attendees. The safety and PPIR activity worthiness of a vehicle is the driver’s responsibility. The following vehicle inspection is required prior to any PPIR activity.

2022 Team Championship Standings

Current team standings for all 2022 Track Attack classes will be posted here. The season begins on April 3, 2022.

Photo Credit: Rachel Tucker