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Here’s your chance to make Vin Diesel proud.

The Classic Muscle Show and Go at Pikes Peak International Raceway offers a chance to roll your pre-’88 car onto the track for an old-fashioned drag race against your buddy. Ladies, this means you, too. The track will be reserved for an hour for female drivers to get behind the wheel and give it some gas if they don’t feel like mixing it up with the guys.

The “Burnouts, Burgers and Brews”-themed event is Friday and Saturday in Fountain.

“We don’t do static car shows because it’s a race track,” said Dana Kahlhamer, PPIR’s director of sales. “We know people want to run their vehicles, not just sit around and look at them. That’s why we involve a drag strip and time attack race track, to run the vehicle in a safe environment.”

If drag racing or time attack isn’t your thing, you always can cruise the track, then park your car for all to admire. Kahlhamer expects 500 to 700 cars at the event. Other activities include a swap meet, drift rides, go-karts and kids’ power wheel racing.

Two specialty cars also will make an appearance: “Imagine,” a 1957 Chevrolet that won this year’s coveted Don Ridler Memorial Award, and a 1939 Plymouth Radial Air truck.

“Imagine” was built by Johnny’s Auto Trim & Rod Shop in Alamosa.

“The Ridler Award is the creme de la creme of car building awards,” said Kahlhamer. “Once a car wins the award, its value skyrockets. You start a national tour. It’s kind of like the Miss America for cars. It’s the first time the car has been seen by the public since it won the award.”

The Plymouth truck was built by Colorado Auto and Parts in Denver and is powered by a Jacobs R-755 radial engine from a 1950s Cessna. It’s been featured several times on the TV show “Jay Leno’s Garage.”

Six bands, a Saturday night concert, 30 to 40 vendors and camping will round off the weekend.

“It’s a carnival for gear heads,” Kahlhamer said. “Everywhere you look, we want you to see activity or movement of some sort. There’s a feeling of fun and camaraderie.”