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Hundreds of firefighters all over the state are stationed at Pikes Peak International Raceway after three days of fighting the Highway 117 fire.

The fire is now 100 percent contained according to the El Paso County Sheriff’s office, but some crews are still heading out to Hanover to check on the small remaining flames.

For wildfires, crews could be on the scene as long as 14 days. Which means on their breaks they need someplace to rest and wash up. Brant Porter with Rocky Mountain Incident Management says they have turned PPIR into that, “This is really everything, this is a mobile city to service firefighters and all of their needs.”

From hand washing stations, shelters showers and more. Firefighters are able to stop and get what they need before heading back out. Porter says it takes a lot to help these first responders, “To feed those firefighters, it takes about six to ten thousand calories a day,” says Porter.

Cheryl Wood is the head of Mass Feeding For Colorado. Her organization feeds crews and others in situations like this. Wood says, “We fed 269 last night and about 350 tonight.”

It may not be home, but it is enough for crews to rest their head and get rejuvenated before continuing the fight.