Open Drift
Gate Opens at 8 am | Track Hot 9 am  – 5 pm

Open Drift Schedule

Open Drift Schedule:
Saturday, April 8, 2023 (with Drift Colorado)
Saturday, May 13, 2023 (West Lot)
July 1-2, 2023 (ASCEND)

General Information

Gates Open: 8:00AM

Drivers Meeting: 8:45AM

Track Hot: 9:00AM – 5:00PM


PPIR’s Open Drift Days are the perfect opportunity for drivers of all skill levels to come out and have some fun, test their cars, or just get some seat time! 

Drivers must bring their own car; however, we will have rental helmets available. Passengers are allowed and must be wearing a seat belt. Drivers should wear long pants and closed toed shoes.

Ticket Pricing

Driver: $100

Spectator: $10


* Kids 12 and under are free * 


Vehicle Technical Inspection

This Vehicle Tech Inspection ensures the safety of the driver and attendees. The safety and PPIR activity worthiness of a vehicle is the driver’s responsibility. The following vehicle inspection is required prior to any PPIR activity.

All vehicles must be presented ready to race. All vehicles must pass the self technical inspection prior to entering the racing surface.  It is the responsibility of each individual to make certain that his or her vehicle is track worthy.  PPIR reserves the right at ANY TIME during the event to not allow any vehicle on track which it deems to be unsafe or unsuited for track driving. The following items should be thoroughly inspected/set before arriving to the raceway:

  • Tires (good tread depth, sidewalls clear of damage, valve stems, etc.) must be no more than 5 years old
  • Tire pressures are properly set (refer to vehicle manufacturer settings)
  • All lug nuts are present and torque is set (refer manufacturer specifications)
  • Hubcaps and trimmings (if not secured by lug nuts) are removed from vehicle
  • No play in wheel bearings
  • Minimal play in steering linkage
  • Brake system in good condition (pads, rotors, lines, etc.)
  • Fluid levels are set (Engine oil, transmission fluid, power steering, coolant, brake fluid, etc.)
  • No fluid leaks from the vehicle of any kind
  • Vehicle is free of loose items (including the trunk)
  • Battery is properly secured
  • No exposed electrical wires
  • Hoses and lines are securely fastened and routed properly and safely
  • Fully functional seat belts in good condition (factory stock or better required)
  • Vehicle interior / exterior must be free and clear of sharp exposed edges
  • No part of the vehicle can be dragging on the ground.

Upon entering the gate, you will receive a Tech Card to fill out. The Tech Card must be turned in to PPIR Staff at the starting grid area prior to making the first lap of the day. The PPIR Staff will put a Tech Sticker on the windshield of the car after receiving the tech card filled out.