Pikes Peak International Raceway Rules & Regulations

Safety First. And Last.

Welcome to Pikes Peak International Raceway (“PPIR”).  The following information, rules and regulations will help make your visit enjoyable and will assist PPIR to better serve your needs.  If you have any questions or problems during your visit, please contact our staff for assistance.

By entering PPIR, you agree to be bound by these rules and regulations.

The Track Manager’s telephone number is 719-382-7223, ext. 1

  • OFF TRACK EMERGENCIES: Call 911 first, then call the PPIR Track Manager.
  • ON-TRACK EMERGENCIES: On-Track Emergencies will be handled by on-site emergency service providers, if provided by your event manager.  If no emergency service providers are on-site: call 911 first, then call the PPIR Track Manager.

YOUR LOCATION IS: Pikes Peak International Raceway, Fountain, Colorado, Interstate 25 Exit #122

  • RISK ASSUMPTION: Motorsports activities may be dangerous and all persons entering Pikes Peak International Raceway agree to accept all liabilities and the risk of bodily harm and death in connection with motorsports activities, whether as a participant, official, worker, contractor, employee or spectator.
  • WAIVERS: Prior to entering the Restricted Areas of Pikes Peak International Raceway, all adult and minor persons shall read, and if acceptable, voluntarily agree to and sign a Release And Waiver of Liability, Assumption Of Risk And Indemnity Agreement as provided by PPIR (the “Waiver”) applicable to adults or minors.  Any person that does not agree to and sign the Waiver will not be permitted to enter the Raceway.   All Waivers for minor persons shall also be signed by the minor’s parent or legal guardian.  Restricted Areas include all PPIR except as may be modified by the PPIR Track Manager.
  • SAFETY EQUIPMENT: Participants are responsible for having and utilizing adequate vehicle and personal safety equipment.  All vehicle, driver and passenger safety equipment shall be as is customary in the motorsports racing industry and as required by applicable motorsports sanctioning bodies.  Said equipment must be always in full and effective use while a vehicle is on track.
  • VEHICLE CONDITION: Participants are responsible for their vehicle to be always in safe and good working order, suitable for on-track activity.  Please do not allow any fluids to drip onto the track surface.
  • FUELING: Do not fuel or run your vehicle inside the garage buildings – it’s a serious fire hazard. Do not store your portable fuel containers inside the garage buildings.
  • PADDOCK SPEED LIMIT: Keep all cars, trucks, and track vehicles to a speed of 10 MPH or less when not on the racetrack.
  • GOLF CARTS & SCOOTERS: If permitted at an event, all golf carts, scooters or pit vehicles shall not exceed a speed of 7 MPH and may only be operated by an adult. No minors are permitted to operate golf carts, scooters, and pit vehicles.
  • LOOK TWICE: Be on the lookout while in the pits and paddock – moving vehicles and pedestrians are everywhere.  You are responsible for the safety of pedestrians, your safety and the safety of minors accompanying you to PPIR.
  • GARAGE & RV SPACES: A limited number of Garage Spaces & RV Spaces (with 30 or 50 amp power) are available for rent. Please contact the PPIR staff to rent a space and concerning RV water/sanitary services.  No unauthorized use of power outlets.
  • PAVEMENT DAMAGE: Do not drive or drill stakes into the ground or asphalt. Underground electricity and water utilities are everywhere. You are liable for utility and asphalt repairs.
  • TRASH DISPOSAL: Trash barrels are located throughout PPIR. Please assist us in keeping the facility clean by using these barrels.
    Tires and vehicle batteries are not permitted to be disposed of at PPIR.  Please take your tires & batteries with you when you leave.
  • PARKING: All vehicles and trailers shall park only in areas designated by PPIR or event staff.  All risks of vehicle or contents damage or theft remain with vehicles’ owners, drivers, riders and passengers.
  • TRACK MODIFICATION: Only PPIR personnel are permitted to move any barriers, walls, crash barrels, tire barriers, fences, cable/chain barriers and bleachers. No modification or damage is allowed to any pavement, building or equipment.
  • MEDIA CENTER ROOF VIEWING AREA: The Media Center building’s roof top viewing area may be available but is subject restricted access or closure at any time.  Chairs are not allowed on the roof.  Do not stand on the rooftop equipment.
  • SUITE TOWER & ROOF: No persons are allowed in the Suite Tower or on its Roof unless specifically permitted by PPIR.
  • FLUID RECYCLING: No draining of vehicle fluids onto the ground or catch-basins is allowed.  Please collect any vehicle fluids into an appropriate container and take the fluids to the PPIR provided recycling containers at the South Garage.  State and federal laws hold you responsible for contamination of soils or groundwater.
  • OVERNIGHT CAMPING: If you are camping overnight, you are not permitted on any track surface or in any buildings after hours, except for the restrooms.  Check with your event manager about after-hours re-entry to PPIR.
  • PETS: Any pets must be kept on-leash or within a vehicle.  No pets are permitted in any buildings except for service animals.  You are responsible for cleaning up after your pet – Please Curb Your Dog.  Please contact your event manager or look for signage indicating the location of a dog park.
  • ALCOHOL: No consumption of alcohol is allowed by participants until all the participant’s on-track activity is completed for the day.  Intoxicated persons are considered trespassers and subject to arrest by local police.
  • REMOTE CONTROL VEHICLES & DRONES: The operation of remote control vehicles, autonomous vehicles and the flying of drones is not permitted at PPIR except by specific approval of the Track Manager.  The owners and operators of remote-control vehicles, autonomous vehicles and drones assume all liability associated with the use and operation of their vehicles and drones at PPIR.
  • NO WEAPONS, FIREARMS, FIREWORKS OR MARIJUANA: No weapons, firearms, fireworks or marijuana are permitted at PPIR.  Violators are considered trespassers and subject to arrest by local police and confiscation of any weapons, firearms, fireworks, or marijuana.

PPIR reserves the right to eject from the premises any person that fails to abide by these Rules and Regulations.

Revised: January 2022 – These Rules and Regulations supersede any of a prior date.