You Know How to Drive a Car.
We’ll Teach You How to Control the Car in More Challenging Situations.

The Safety Awareness + Precision Driving School at Pikes Peak International Raceway is the place to truly learn how drive. Traditional driving schools do not allow students to safely experience controlling a car in real-life emergency scenarios. Understanding the physical dynamics of a vehicle and how the tires work at their limit of grip is only taught through experience and seat-time. Our team of professional driving instructors and carefully developed program curriculum are second to none. We offer a safe and controlled environment to learn the skill-sets and techniques necessary to become a proficient and confident driver.

In an emergency situation, any fight-or-flight moment, people will resort to their intuition and habits to react.  Our program is designed to ingrain and instill correct fundamental habits and techniques behind the wheel. Without having ever experienced driving a car at the  limit, how is someone possibly going to know how to react correctly when it counts the most?

Without proper training, a driver is taking a gamble with their own life and others. Driving is statistically the most dangerous thing that people do on a daily basis; encountering a dangerous situation as a driver on our public roads is inevitable over time. Are you going to be ready when its your turn?

Safety awareness and precision driving school curriculum    

  • Public Road Preparedness
  • Driver Ergonomics and Efficiency
  • Vehicle Dynamics and Load Distribution
  • Linear Steering and Driving Line Geometry
  • Anticipation and Situational Awareness
  • Distracted Driving Exercise
  • Steering and Driving Line Drill
  • Skid Control and Controlling a Slide
  • Evasive Lane Change Maneuvers
  • Combination Corners Drill
  • Threshold Braking Exercise
  • Auto-Cross Challenge

Safety awareness + precision driving school instructor team

Keeping our students in great hands is top of mind. Our school’s instructors have the knowledge and real world experience required to deliver a safe, controlled and valuable learning experience for all. PPIR’s instructor team blends the perfect balance of professional driving experience and teaching expertise.

  • Professional / International Racecar Driving
  • Career Fire Fighting/ Professional Training
  • National / International Athletic Coaching
  • Professional Cycling Athletics
  • Academic Teaching Experience
  • Professional Driver Training
  • Driving Program Curriculum Development
  • Racing / Driving School Management
Drive a PPIR Car During Training
Driving PPIR Cars
Driving PPIR's fleet of cars throughout the entire program including Sedan, Roadster, and Skid Car
Drive Your Car During Training
Drive Your Car During Training
Providing your own car throughout the program (all students will drive PPIR's skid-car for a session)


Make sure to check our calendar for all available dates!  To pre-register (required) please call 719.382.7223

  • 8:00am Registration / Sign-In (ALL Minors must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian)
  • 8:45am Opening Talk in Classroom
  • 9:45am Morning Driving Exercises Begin
  • 12:00pm Lunch Break (PPIR does not provide lunch, make sure to bring your food and drinks for the day)
  • 1:00pm Classroom Discussion
  • 1:30pm Afternoon Driving Exercises Begin
  • 4:00pm Closing Talk / Graduation in Classroom
  • 4:30pm End of Program, DRIVE SAFE!