Tracks and Facilities

World Class Automotive Track Facilities Right Here in Fountain.

Whether you’re putting your vehicle to the test, holding a group or corporate event, or just out to have fun, PPIR has track surfaces, road courses and first class facilities to meet your needs.


  • 1.3 Mile infield Road Course
  • 1 Mile D-shaped Banked Oval
  • 3/4 Mile Road Course
  • 1/4 Mile infield Flat Oval
  • 12 Acre Autocross & Drift Lot
  • 1/8 Mile Drag Strip
  • Wet Skid Pad
  • Other Large Paved Surfaces for Training, Schools and Events
  • Custom Courses – contact us for custom layouts for your event
  • Rally Cross Dirt lot
  • 200 acre flat open space

Support Buildings

  • Enclosed Garages
  • A variety of multi-functional classrooms & meeting spaces
  • Hospitality Suites
  • Banquet Facilities
  • Shop and Technical Space
  • Restrooms & Showers
  • Ticket and Event Management Offices